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(Title) the Sunni Muslim organization Tzountolach (Soldiers of God) claimed responsibility for two blasts at mosque in southeastern Iran that killed 21 people and wounded others 100.
It will broadcast the television channel Al Arampigia, the organization said that the attacks were in retaliation for the execution of the leader, Ampntolmalek Reagan last June.

In an email sent to the channel Tzountolach argues that the aim of the bombers was a gathering of Revolutionary Guards in Zahedan city in southeastern Iran.
As reported by the agency IRNA, the two powerful explosions occurred in a Shiite mosque in the southeastern city of Zahedan Iran. Under Secretary of the Interior Ali Ampntolachi between victims are members of the Revolutionary Guards.
“The first explosion occurred behind a checkpoint and that some Revolutionary Guards were killed or wounded,” said Ampntolachi under the semi-official agency Fars. Earlier, it had indicated earlier that the explosion was caused by a “suicide attack”.

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