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    (Title) poor governance, lack of transparency and legitimacy, poor economic management and the bulk state to the benefit of big interests, attributed the economic crisis Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou during the inaugural speech, in his capacity as president of Socialist International, the United Nations headquarters.

    The Prime Minister also mentioned the role of markets, noting that “the rapid reactions create panic and often lead to irrational options “.
    In his speech, Papandreou referred to the crucial role of international movements and institutions in the modern, globalized world and their responsibility to shape a more humane globalization.
    Starting experience gained from managing the economic crisis in recent months in Greece, Papandreou stressed the need for “continuous deepening of international cooperation aimed at establishing a global governance based on common, fundamental values of democracy, equality and solidarity. “
    Prime Minister and President of the Socialist International noted that” the modern world has the means to make poverty history, stop global warming, to ensure decent work for all, to reduce child mortality, improve services in health and preventing epidemics such as AIDS and malaria, to achieve gender equality, to integrate immigrants and refugees into society, to stop drug trafficking, arms and people to eliminate corruption, reduce inequality, to relieve the debts of countries, to bridge the digital divide, to achieve the universality of education, to guarantee human rights. The big challenge is to find ways of using these tools and to reach a global agreement on the nature of the societies in which we live “.

    then said” this is precisely the role of global movements and organizations such as the Socialist International, to create the fundamental values on which to build new, more human world. As the financial crisis of 2008 was the state that became a guarantor and protector of the economy. At this juncture, where the state challenged that the global problem of debts, are the world institutions that need to become guarantors of normality, while helping to promote the necessary reforms to create the new, more humane world “.
    Papandreou stressed particularly the need” to restructure the world financial system to become so as not to drop the weight of the weak “and defended the” European, socialist welfare state model “, rejecting accusations that the welfare state is responsible for the crisis of state debt, both within and outside Greece.
    reference economic evaluation in nursing, said, “if the bubble era of high-risk bank loans, the firms increase their assessment of banks, while the current situation are quick to downgrade their assessments of countries which strive to make order their finances.”

    Papandreou had meetings with leading personalities of the international socialist countryside, as the chairman of the Socialist Party of Albania, Edi Rama, Romania, the Palestinians, and then attended a luncheon with business expatriates.
    midnight (GMT) will meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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