Folli Follie: Dimitris Koutsolioutsos insists that executives in Asia were acting unwittingly

His apology was completed at the Three-member Court of Appeals, with its founder repeating, answering questions from the prosecutor of the seat that his two officials in Asia against whom arrest warrants have been issued acted unknowingly. The founder of Folli Follie, Dimitris Koutsolioutsos said he had confidence in executives and argued that there was reason for forgery of banking extremities and said he learned about it from “Alvarez & Marsal”. Prosecutor: “Alvarez & Marsal” says that 73% of your turnover was virtual. How about this? Accused: Not applicable. What’s the matter? Accused? He was 80% real. Prosecutor: Let’s go to forgery. Did you know about the bank extra forgery? Accused: There was no need for forgery, I learned about the counterfeits from “Alvarez & Marsal”. Dimitris Koutsolioutsos in the prosecutor’s persistent questions insisted that the two Asian executives were responsible for the “beautification” of the situation and argued that his wife had nothing to do with economics. Prosecutor: Your wife, Mrs Catherine Koutsolitsu, had signed consolidated situations? He was vice president of the board… accused: Never had anything to do with finance. Prosecutor: How would you help the company if you stayed there? What moves would you make to get him back on his feet? Accused: I would continue the company find investors it was profitable it would pay debts. The trial will continue with Georgie Koutsolitsu’s apology.

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