FIVE DAYS AFTER the inauguration of the Minister of Transport Michalis Liapis The MR SIEMENS CHRISTOFORAKOS three page letter sent … WITH … REQUEST!

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(Title)  written instructions to … seafarers, including abridgements contests, prompts for immediate action, but a “planing” extra services TETRA subsystem of the C4I, just days after the inauguration of the new government of New Democracy in March 2004, was quick to give the-then-krataios Michael Christoforakos the new Minister of Transport and Communications Mr Liapis.

Besides business “interests” of Siemens had to do much with this ministry, but as it turned out, and later social relationship of the former strong man German company was closer to the cousin of former prime minister, which demonstrated the involvement of Mr Liapis, the infamous mission to Germany to attend along with M. Christoforakos football in the confederation cup, but the invitation M. Christoforakos the namesake of one year later, along with other ministers in the west-to attend a race in Formula 1.
«instructions» to Liapis by Christoforakos

So just eight days after the elections on March 7, 2004 and five days after the inauguration of the post of Minister of Transport and Communications on 10 March, the Cabinet of M. Liapis Papagou reaches a three page letter sender M. Christoforakos and theme issues on preparation the security sector of the Olympic Games, which will begin five months.
Mister Siemens shows the new minister “as quickly” moves to be made to operate the security systems for controlling train station and rail network of the CIU, making it clear that though no such direct action would not be effective. The letter is divided into two parts, namely the security systems of the railway premises and trains and the network security of communications TETRA, one of the key subsystems of C4I.

M. Christoforakos states in his letter that “the OSE was launched in December 2003 and January 2004 four independent bids for security systems and command and control centers, which will be installed by August 2004».
As he explains, but “technical requirements of tendering to nowhere ensure inter-operability of different systems and also does not define the technical characteristics and communication protocols to ensure communication and liaison with the respective program system C4I ». Clarifies the fact that “to install the systems by no later than July 2004, the award should be done in March, because otherwise only be formally available security system OSE during the Olympics.”

The bottom line is situated on the second page of the letter. “With this situation,” continues the letter M. Christoforakos, “and to be delivered in due time an operational system, we believe that the only possible solution is to streamline the four competitions in a requirement for a single integrated system.
The implementation of this particular project be part of the security program of the Olympic Games C4I (which has already taken the Siemens) ».
In the second part of the letter” broken “in the TETRA system C4I, which, says Mr Christoforakos, “this is a security communications network covering the greater Athens area and provides voice and data transmission to the Police, the Fire Department, the National Intelligence Service, the Coast Guard and Ambulance».

The head of Siemens Hellas then inform the new minister that TETRA can be extended, for example, to cover the provision of voice and data security staff of the CIU, the coverage of ports and Olympic venues in Thessaloniki, Patras, Volos, Iraklio, etc., until the motorway, and communications security personnel of the Armed Forces, control and improve the operational use of surface transport and support units of the Armed Forces.
And The letter concludes by pointing out that “we remain at your disposal to provide additional information in these areas where our company has considerable expertise and international experience».


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