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Fiscal crisis and public debtGreece has become the European Union’s biggest financial nightmare, because its 2010 debt is currently projected at 125 percent of gross domestic product. EU member countries have promised a bailout in order to save Greece from dragging the euro further down, but it will be a long way before the actual plan is shaped and realized. The debt crisis is also serious in Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain. doXtop member beatrice published a set of quality documents about the ongoing crisis in Greece, its origin and possible consequences. The first one is an analysis coming from the Oxford economics, titled Greece’s slide into fiscal crisis. It`s an in-depth explanation of the events, with graphic illustrations, tables and estimation results. Flash viewer and magazine toolsOur flash viewer is equipped with a set of useful options which create comfortable online reading experience. If you wish to learn more about the ongoing crisis in Greece, prospects for doing business in this country, or how protect your investments – it is quite easy to find other complements to the subject in doXtop`s archive. Just use the Related by option, select tags and you will be presented with a number of quality readings, from Doing Business 2010 – Greece and Government Bond Strategy to Greece’s public debt in Euro. Some of these documents are rich in numbers and tables and you will definitely benefit from the options coming along with our flash, such as:- Links to a PDF rendition for download and/or print – Toggle for full screen mode – Share function (embed, email to friends . . . ) – Scrolling options for various reading modes – Zoom function – Powerful full text search – Upload button for publishing more contentThis is not all doXtop has to offer. There is an excellent electronic magazine on our site closely related to the matter of global financial and monetary troubles. It is called Crisis and it is packed with quality reading which will keep you interested for hours. Our magazines work as individual publishing sites. They are easy to set up, customize and maintain. They come along with a navigator Table of content and a handful of options, such as:- Social functions (send to, embed, comment, bookmark, and rate) – Subscription – Download  – Access statistic – RSS feeds – Member list – Content notification and approvalIn order to see and subscribe to this magazine, follow this link: http://www. doxtop. com/magazines/e7203fc4/global-financial-crises. aspxSummarydoXtop is a full blown publishing site with extended viewer, social and share functions. It is a perfect platform for publishing business related content rich in text, images, tables, diagrams, etc. Furthermore, doXtop magazines are complete and individual web sites with published and categorized content from defined collections of documents. The process of creating a doXtop magazine is simple, intuitive and all automated.

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