Fire in the Pierian Mountains: The fire from 1100 meters altitude has reached 1900

For the third day it rages or in Pieria Mountains in , out of control due to the difficult area to which it extends. “Fire started at Pieria Mountains above the settlement Rhetin Pieria at an altitude of 1100 meters on Sunday afternoon, and reached the ridge at almost 1900 meters in the limits of Kozani prefecture,” Forester Pieria Petro Papapetrou said today about the fire in Sarakatsana area in Katerini. According to the forest master “the fire is mostly herpesa, which means it is under the trees and burns the vernacular vegetation. The fire in a few places was turned into a climax, i.e. burning the tree tops. But even in these few cases the fire was extended only to conifers because they are more flammable, while broadleaves did not suffer any damage.” Ground and aerial forces battle to extinguish the fire from last Sunday (31.04.2024) until today that from early morning they participate in the battle of firefighting and 3 fire helicopters. In Greece, there is a war going on. This is the Pierian Mountains on fire. It hasn’t snowed/rained all winter, and the Greeks had the warmest winter on record. Next time you come to the sun and the sea, remember there is a raging. — Stelios Foteinopoulos (@SteliosFot75) Immediately the inhabitants and forest cooperatives of the neighbouring settlements (Retin, Elatohori, St. Dimitrios, Livadi etc.) were mobilized by the forest service, which helped to open 3 anti-fire zones created by the Forest Service along with work machines of the Municipality and the Region.