Fire in the Pierian Mountains: It rages for the fourth day, 150 firefighters attempt.

A better picture is presented by the burning fire, for the fourth day, in the Pierian mountains, in ravines and rough areas. The fire began on Sunday in the Sarakatsana area and from 1,100 meters it reached the ridge at 1900 meters. So far the extent of the fire has not been defined, however the destruction is reported to be mild, as according to what Forester Pieria Petros Papapetrou said, “the fire is mostly herpes, meaning it is under the trees and burns the vernacular vegetation.” At the point where the fire evolves—according to the fire department “in scattered burns within the perimeter”— 150 firefighters, nine pedestrian sections, 36 vehicles, two helicopters as well as the group “CAROS 1” with drones are currently operating.