Fire in the Middle East: “We will respond hard to Israel,” says Iran after the murderous attack on Damascus

Burlotto enters the Middle East again after his attack on his embassy in Damascus that resulted in the death of a commander of the Guards of the Revolution. Specifically since Israel’s attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus, a commander of the Guards of the Revolution, five of them, as well as two advisers, has been killed, according to a new account of the non-governmental organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Syrian Human Rights Watch, based in Britain and based on sources in Syria, announced that it “confirms the murder of a high-ranking officer who has served as head of the Kunc Force for Syria and Lebanon, two Iranian advisers and five members of the Guards of the Revolution.” The commander belongs to the Kunch force, a special unit of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps tasked with operations abroad. Tehran has made it clear that Israel will be responsible for the consequences of the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Iran’s state media broadcast, citing statements made by Foreign Minister Josein Amir. Abdolahian, in telephone contact with his Syrian counterpart. The blow to Iran’s consulate constitutes “a violation of all international treaties”, said Amir-Abdolahian, calling for a “serious response” on the part of the international community. According to the ministry’s announcement, in this phone communication Amir-Abdolahian said Tehran considers the attack against the Iranian embassy’s annex “infraction of all obligations and international treaties, made the Zionist regime responsible for the consequences and stressed the need for a serious response from the international community towards such criminal acts.” Iran’s ambassador to Damascus, Joséin Akbari, assured that his country “will respond decisively” to the blow from which at least five members of the Guards of the Revolution were killed. The demolished building was hit “by F-35 fighters and six missiles,” Akbari told reporters. Among the victims was a commander of the Conch Force, the Special Forces of the Guards of the Revolution.