Fire in Lavrio: Identification of arsonist and sought

The arsonist of the fire in Lavrio was identified who broke out at noon on Tuesday (12/03/2024) and according to the first information is a resident of the area and is sought. The fire in Lavrio was displayed in the place “Phinic forest”, which belongs to the municipality of Lavreoti and is ultimately due to arson by a resident of the area sought under the autophorus. The Fire Department’s announcement is as follows: After a thorough investigation of employees of the Directorate for the Prevention of Crimes (I.A.E.), in collaboration with the P.A.’s investigative department. Lavrio, in terms of the conditions and causes of the fire that occurred today, Tuesday, March 12 and Z/13:21, in an open-air place for the deposition of crop residues, in the position “Phinic forest”, owned by a municipality of Lavreoti, was identified as a perpetrator of a domestic, resident of Lavrio. For this reason a search and arrest notice was issued by EL.A., within the framework of the autophorus. It is noted that the open-air space is located near a school complex (EPAL Lavrio), with full activity at the time of the fire.