Fire in Istanbul: At 29, dead, arrest warrant for 5 people.

The 29 are now the dead from her to a building at noon on Tuesday (02.02.24). As the Turkish media broadcast, about the fire that broke out after an explosion in the basement of a 16-story apartment building, used as a nightclub in the Gairetepe area in Istanbul, an arrest warrant has been issued for 5 people. The fire broke out just before 13.00, after an explosion at the time of renovation of the “Masquerade” nightclub. The victims were workers working at the time and trapped inside the store. Mayor Constantinople Erem Imamoglu was on the scene, who said no application for construction or renovation permission had been lodged by the company. “It is two floors down, so (p. the space) is not visible. There was no complaint. There was an illegal intervention,” he stressed. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan contacted Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya and was informed of the incident. Justice Minister Yilmaz Toods has announced that three prosecutors have taken the preliminary inquiry into the incident and five people have already been arrested. Prefect Istanbul Davut Gul said the nightclub had been licensed since 1987 and renewed it in 2018. The nightclub was closed due to the shrine to the Muslim month of Ramadan.