Fire in Evia: Biblical destruction, in flames and the Basilicas

Hours of agony in Northern Evia where fiery tongues swallow everything in their path. Shortly before 8.00 in the evening, the fiery front entered the settlement of Vasilika.

Despite the efforts of the firefighters and the continuous drops of water from an Ericsson helicopter, the fire front passed through the settlement and threatens the first houses.

Another fire front, created by a re-ignition in the middle of the distance from Milia to Kryoneritis, has gained momentum that exceeds even two kilometers and moves circularly towards the village of Milia.

Another part of the front goes directly to the village of Monokarya which has been evacuated since yesterday, but again the police have arrived there to remove the residents who had not been removed.

At the same time, they are preparing evacuations for other villages in the wider area before Istiaia.

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