Fire in EPAL in Amphissa: ‘Instead of safety on the electrical panel there is one minute wire’

One 24 hours after the EPAL in , complaints maintain the issue in the foreground and cause concern… Marinos Lytras, an alternate member of a school committee, spoke to ANT1 and the show “Good morning Greece” about the fire that broke out on Tuesday, April 2nd, in an EPAL of Amfissa. Eclectic materials were reportedly in the building as work was being done to make tanks for Halloween. “Don’t be surprised that there were flammable materials as in the electrical table instead of safety there is wire of one minute euros. The EPAL has huge problems in its facilities,” said Marinos Lytras. Asked what caused the fire replied: “It does not benefit in short circuits. We’ve reported these incidents. If the ministry responds, give answers. The municipality cannot cope. A high school is also housed in this building.’ It is recalled that 9 students and one teacher were taken to hospital as they faced respiratory problems. All of them were treated preventively. P.Y. Firefighters. Amphissa immediately intervened and extinguished the fire, while doing research at all points of the building for any trapped students, fortunately with negative results.