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Athens Times

Fire Fighters on fire Karystos: FOR 30 HOURS WITHOUT WATER alert

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(Title) Men and women of the fire found for 29.5 hours on standby, even with those who participated in the fire Karystos on July 22, that they have no potable water from Service …

The above mentioned incident step of the Board of the Fire Brigade Employees mainland Greece to the district of the House during a meeting that had a few days ago this morning at the premises of the Regional Administration.

Once again, the Union denounced the abuse of time, bringing firefighters to the limits of physical endurance. As a continuation of the facts in Step Fokida Fthiotida and became known to officials of the Fire Platform Mantoudi during the fire Karystos, worked 29.5 hours without even having to give employees drinking water! As if that were not enough, after a break of 18 hours were again in 24 alert, and there was no incident had ended, partial guard and fire service Istieas had enough staff to cover the area of step Mantoudi.

Indeed, as noted in Karysto went from Mandoudi (more than 180 kilometers in some places bad road) 36etias fire engine, to what dangers for firefighters entails. Furthermore, the step of Association of Firefighters called for the phasing out of vehicles of that type, as there are few cases of mechanical problems during the events. In particular, there are many cases where drivers are in danger of losing their lives due to problems in the braking systems. The district, according to the announcement of the Union, said that there should be a reference to the problem of vehicles to check and clamped until constructed, thereby suggesting that there is a problem of the age of the vehicle.

The headquarters months ago, had issued an order on compliance with the safety of men and women working in the House during their participation in extinguishing fires in order to avoid any injuries. But apparently the employees – in the service of Chalcis – must abide even when inside. Apart from the poor facilities in many services in the territory, the team’s Union, said the district that chamber officials and then falling plaster is dangerous for workers. The answer was that the Governor was committed to rehabilitation of the problem last winter, but nothing has happened …

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