Fight Karanica – Polakis for Mareva Grabowski: “What is misogynism Nico?”

A fight was set up on Facebook and on the occasion of Elena Akriti’s post for Mareva Grabowski. It is noted that Elena Akrita commenting on Facebook for Mareva Grabowski, made a post starting that “Tyler’s mistake is that she was not born Mareva”. Nikos Karanikas spoke of misogynism by writing “misogynism is not political”. Mareva Grabowski followed the path of justice against Elena Akrita and Nikos Karanikas and Paul Polakis followed his path… internet to resolve their differences. Under Nikos Karanica’s post, Paul Polakis wrote “Who is the misogynism Nico and who expresses him??”? I don’t get you!!! Explain the most!”. With Nikos Karanika answering with the first post commented by Elena Akrita and Paul Polakis answering: “If Acroita’s political response that highlights Mareva Mitsotaki’s action these years is called misogynism then we live in parallel universes to say nothing heavier!”. The two Syriza executives decided to end the dispute that: “As I explained, he answered the vulgarity of Dimades with the same vulgarity. Are Mareva’s houses political? Being a wife is political?”.