Fidan for American F-35: The U.S. must take a ‘more open approach’

To show that US-Turkey relations “turned a page” and are moving in a positive direction attempted by the Turkish Foreign Minister, however, he did not hide that for a number of issues there is a different approach, such as Syria or the American 5th generation fighters. As Turkey is well known, he was excluded from the F-35 program due to the purchase of Russian-made S-400 missile systems, with Fidan repeating Ankara’s “necessary desire” to return to the program. However, this road is not without obstacles, with the Turkish Ministry calling on the US to expand their horizons on the F-35 issue. Fidan specifically said Turkey maintains its view of the F-35s, stressing that aircraft should be made available to Ankara for the work Turkey has done in the process of producing them. Turkey is open to the debate on this issue, but Washington needs to have “a more open approach”, he said. Disputes remain on Syria’s issue, with Turkey he is deeply concerned about the US’s support for the Kurdish people in the region, whom Ankara describes as terrorists. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said the two-country officials had several rounds of talks on issues such as Ukraine, Gaza, co-operation in the defence industry, energy, and counter-terrorism. As Fidan told Turkish media from Washington, he reiterated Turkey’s view that a immediate and lasting ceasefire is necessary in Gaza, emphasising the need for countries to do more to address the humanitarian disaster, opening the way for a two-state solution. He also discussed ways to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with American counterpart Anthony Blinken, but also US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, stressing that Ankara believes it is the time for discussing ways that could lead to an end to the war, but Turkey does not see this will, from Kiev and Moscow. “We need a basis for the talks in order to stop the war, but also a dialogue to prevent worse crises and we will call for it,” Fintan said.