Feast of Saints Raphael, Nicholaos and irene

    The Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene are among the chorus of Νεοφανών Saints, and especially of those who…
    martyred almost immediately after the fall of Constantinople. About life to know a few things.
    The first information about the existence of the Saints ιστορούνται with miraculous and revelatory way since the year 1959 m.X.
    From an excavation that was made in the Warm of the island, discovered the tomb of an unknown person, as revealed in a continuous visions, belonged to the Holy Martyr Raphael, who was martyred together with the Holy Martyr saint Nicholas and Saint Irene. The tomb and the relics of St. Nicholas was discovered on June 13, 1960 m.X.
    Saint Raphael came from the Mills of Ithaca, and was born in the year 1410 m.X. The secular name was George Laskaris or Laskaridis and his father before him was named Dionysius. Before becoming a clergyman, he had a career in the byzantine army, and reached even to a large extent. At the age of thirty-five years old, he met an ascetic and venerable elder, John the baptist, who attracted to the life in Christ. One Christmas the old man came down from the place of its exercise, to confess and to receive holy communion the soldiers and preached the word of God. Then the officer George, when the elder came again, the Epiphany, marked the departure of the soldiers, and followed him.