(Title) expressed serious concerns about failures to call the hospital since September, due to the implementation of the new system efimeriakou provided by law for the upgrade of the NHS. In most hospitals, the number of call to be repaid under the new system (monthly payment per doctor for a predetermined number of call that has been designated by the Ministry of Health) is not sufficient to cover needs. More serious problem is expected to face ypostelechomenes units in the Region, under the new system will be on duty just 20 days a month.

Indicator is where the Hospital of Xanthi, where the Department will Kardiologiko be on duty 20 days, the Anaisthisiologiko 18 days, the ICU 19 days and 23 days Department Maieftikis month. Hospital in Rhodes, he said the ‘K’ surgeon George Triantos, managers have been asked to submit a plan efimerefsis month with an established payment 18 days, even in clinical frontline, such as surgical, medical, the Heart, the ICU. Moreover, according to doctors at hospitals in the region “to get” safe efimeriako program under the new system, each department should have seven doctors do not force anything. For example in Rhodes, the best-staffed department has four doctors.

Problems expected to arise in a hospital center. State Hospital in Nice and in parts like the surgeon, the anesthesia and ICU, expected based on call allowance sufficient to cover just 50% of needs. Even the Annunciation, in clinics like the Thoracic or Orthopedikes expected to be a problem. According to the special secretary of the Doctors Hospital of Athens Piraeus (EINAP) Mr. George Boulmpasako, the ‘trump card’ Evangelismos hospital like that with the start of full-day operation will have revenue to cover the extra cost call, like for the new law. This option will not, however, smaller hospitals in Athens and the region.

The EINAP has recommended clinical directors to continue to submit plans to call based solely on patient safety. The General Council of the Federation of Hospital Doctors in Greece meet the same issue on August 25.

Her Penny Bouloutza

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Author and journalist Christopher Hitchens takes questions from audience during his March 3, 2010, Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at UCLA. The lecture was presented by the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA. A well-known commentator on contemporary thought, politics and culture, Hitchens has written more than a dozen books and corresponded from more than 60 countries. He has contributed regularly to the Atlantic, Slate, Vanity Fair, the New York Review of Books, the London Review of Books, Washington Post Book World, the Nation, the National Review and the New Left Review, among other media outlets. Honored frequently for his reporting and the literary quality of his prose, Hitchens received a National Magazine Award in 2007 and was a finalist for a 2007 National Book Award. He appears frequently on radio and television broadcasts. BACKGROUND: Daniel Pearl was a prominent Wall Street Journal reporter and the paper’s South Asia bureau chief when he was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in early 2002. Pearl’s father, Judea Pearl, a computer science professor at UCLA, and his family established the Daniel Pearl Foundation to promote and continue Daniel’s mission of fostering cross-cultural understanding throughout the world. The lecture series, established at UCLA in 2002, features scholars, journalists and policymakers who have contributed original analyses or