Faye Skorda posed in Piazza Di Spagna and Sergio Araho of AEK notified the photo

In Italy she was found in the last few hours . The post made by the well-known presenter – but she also revealed to him the professional reason that links her to the AEK footballer. Faye Skorda travelled to Italy for her professional obligations, and more specifically for the photoshooting needs for a clothing company, owned by the Argentine midfielder of AEK, Sergio Araho. The presenter posted some photos Friday night (29.03.2024) tagged one of them Sergio Araho and he rushed to republish it. In one of the photographs she published on her personal Instagram account, Faye Skorda appears to be in Piazza Di Spagna. In addition to this snapshot, the presenter shared with her followers other moments from her trip to Italy.

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