Farmers: The aim of the CAP changes to be made before the European elections is stated by Avgenakis

The dialogue with them continues, stressed by Kozani the Minister for Rural Development and Food, while pointing out his determination to continue efforts to change the CFP, triggering all possible alliances, and his willingness to intensify market controls, especially in view of Easter holidays. The major issue raised by all the representatives of farmers was the issue of changes to the CFP, on which Mr. Avgenakis asked the attendees, regardless of ideology, to put pressure on the parties they belong to, so that the Eurogroups involved would take similar decisions as those of the European People’s Party, which adopted the 19 proposals of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. The minister recalled that Greece did not wait for rural mobilisations to move. On the contrary, as early as November, it started contacts with other countries and created alliances, such as those of the Mediterranean countries, EUMED-9, or used existing ones, such as those of the PPE. And he appeared determined to make every effort to promote changes in the CFP. That is why he will have meetings within the week with his counterparts in France and Slovenia. The CAP cannot function as a “babula” towards the farmer, it said and insisted on changes that relieve producers of administrative burden and will make its application easier. He warned that if there are no changes, no country will be able to absorb 100% of its resources. With regard to ecological schemes and bureaucratic difficulties, he noted that it is the result of Socialist, Green and Left, who had the majority in the EU when the CFP was being discussed. “We support the environment too but beyond the environment there are farmers,” he noted, saying that “the ELK is not against the ‘green transition’, but is asking for it to be done in a more smooth manner”. Another issue on which the HPAT insists, as he said, that there must be immediate correction is the possibility of transferring resources from one pillar to another and from year to year, as, he noted, it is the only way to further support direct aid. Referring to OPEKEPE he stressed that no one will hide any of the mistakes of the previous administration and the responsibilities will be attributed. It was mentioned in the next steps of the GMEKEPE which are: Correction of the single payment of 2023, paid before Easter. Payment of related aid amounting to EUR 245 million before Easter. Open the platform for the IACC today. Payment of ecological schemes, amounting to EUR 425 million, before Easter, Clearance of 16,500 committed VAT, after inspection With regard to the protection of Greek production from Greekizations, he noted that checks on mixed scales at retail points and entrance gates will not only continue but will intensify. Especially for honey he warned that “the axe will be heavy on those who outlaw and play games against beekeepers”. The Minister announced checks ahead of Easter on meat and eggs, and stressed that protection of Greek products “is a personal bet, for him. The law will apply. I don’t care who the outlaws are and where they belong. Checks will go deep. And those who outlaw will pay.” As the minister has announced, the HPAT will continue to support cooperative schemes and announced that a bill to modernise the legislative framework for Inter-branch Organizations is expected to be discussed in the next Cabinet. He also announced that next week the consultation on the new regulation of the ELGA will officially begin and that tomorrow the 50% advance of the special consumption tax refund will be paid to about 300,000 farmers. It also announced the 1.5 million increase in Leader funding for the runner-up to participate in the programme. The meeting was attended by GG, Dimitris Papagiannidis, Deputy Regional Leader of Rural Development, Pashalis Haromenos, the President of ELGA, Andreas Lykourenzos, the Vice-Presidents of OPKEPE, Leyteris Zervos and Giannis Kourdis, in the presence of MPs ND Kozanis, Michael Papadopoulos and Kastoria, Maria Antonios. Following the conclusion of the meeting, YPAAT Lefteris Avgenakis said: “Today a meeting was held in the ministry under Secretary General George Stratakos to intensify controls. Over the next few days we unfold a control mechanism for both honey and meat and eggs. We are determined to punish those who play games against growers and consumers. We have no history with anyone. We have no intention of accusing anyone unfairly. But those who try to make Hellenizations will do well to reconsider. ELGA is changing. It becomes more effective, more democratic, more functional and fairer. We strengthen the protection it must offer as an insurance organisation to the Greek farmer, farmer, fishermen, beekeeper. It’s something farmers all over the country expected. The new regulation is the result of the hard work of Andreas Lycurenza’s president and the administration. Next week the consultation of the new modern regulation begins. For agricultural oil the advance payment begins, as the Prime Minister had promised. However, the method of payment will change following a dialogue process initiated with the Ministry of Finance first and then with the Ministry of Finance. It is a process that farmers themselves have asked for to be fairer and more transparent the distribution of the EIC’s return, so that the money ends up with the professional farmers.”

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