Farmers: ADE’s platform for VAT return is running

For the second consecutive year the digital application process for the special status, through the myADE digital portal, began. The process will remain open until 16 December 2024. In particular, beneficiary farmers submit a declaration – request for the refund of the eligible VAT amount on myBusinessSupport platform, on myADE > Applications > Business> myBusinessSupport. When completing the application, the documentation provided to the myDATA platform by the beneficiary’s counterparties as buyers of agricultural products or as recipients of the services of the special scheme farmer shall be recovered. Upon completion of the completion and confirmation of the evidence presented, the amount requested for reimbursement shall be shown for the person concerned. Refunds will be made at regular intervals: in the IBAN account declared by the beneficiaries in the Register & Communication at the myAADE digital portal, if the conditions are met or through settlement with any debts. In the year 2023, the first year of implementation of the above digital process, 132,500 applications were submitted – compared to 97,000 manuscript applications submitted to the DOU in 2022. The amount of the refund amounted to EUR 43,940,000, which was paid to the beneficiaries’ accounts or settled by their tax obligations.