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F. Theodorakis: The River will not give “a blank cheque” to anyone

The River is not going to give “a blank cheque” to anyone, argued the chairman of the party, Stavros Theodorakis, in…
an interview with the newspaper “Background”.
He underlined that “the country cannot remain ungoverned and go from elections to elections” and made it clear that “we need a government that will be committed to the great changes”.
With regard to the creation of the so-called “third pole”, mr. Theodorakis has made necessary the creation of “something new”, explaining that we must “get the useful experience of the past, without the mistakes and the diseases.”
Asked for the Constitutional Revision, which was proposed by SYRIZA, spoke of “travelling shows that it is for the festivals”.
In conclusion, it is estimated that the Union Of the is the “government back up” of SYRIZA. “If anything goes wrong with the LIFT, it will come out to support the government,” he noted.
“We, however, would have to take over supervision of the tv space. He has experience with all the channels that opened and it sold. You will know from the balance sheets, contracts, advertisements, salaries, insurance contributions, and taxes,” commented in evidence, targeting Vassilis Leventis.

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