Explosions from the morning in Odessa – Kyriakos Mitsotakis is reportedly located in the city.

The goal of the Russian forces has been that for several days they have hammered this city with a particular Greek interest and even while the Greek Prime Minister has been reported since the morning to visit it in order to meet with Ukrainian President Volontimyr Zelenski. According to Ukrainian media since morning in Odessa, there have been explosions while information wants one to be made near the Ukrainian President’s motorcade, Volontimir Zelensky. According to information that until now, for security reasons, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has not been officially confirmed by the government today in Ukraine, namely Odessa. The Greek Prime Minister’s visit to Ukraine takes place at a time when Volontimir Zelenski invites the international community not to leave his country and strengthen it as much as possible in order not to allow Vladimir Putin’s advance. Volontimir Zelenski had visited Athens last August and never during those two years of the war Greece has ceased to oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Videos in social media show the moment of Ukrainian media explosions report an expansion in Odesa Recording to Greek media reports, Zelenskyy and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis were scheduled to meet in today. — NEXTA (@nexta_tv)