Eurovision 2024: Attack of Evi Droutsa on ERT for Marina Satti’s «Zari»

Her frustration was voiced by the after the first hearing of her song “Zari” with which she will represent Greece in Eurovision in May. She was furious when she was invited to comment on Greece’s participation in her singing competition with Marina Satti and her song “Zari”. The cause of Evi Droutsa’s explosion was the lyrics of “Zari”, because they remind a lot of the song she wrote about singer Stefano Pitsiniga, “Strong”, which contains the common phrase with Marina Satti’s song “The – the – the” and knows great success abroad. Evi Droutsa said her company would decide whether to move legally. “A shame on ERT and Marina Satti to say “Ta ta”!” he said. “They should be concerned because now neither I nor my company nor Psimopoulos are concerned. What the ERT has done and what she (Marina Satti) has done is the biggest mistake they have made and they will change it right away because “thea them” and Ramadan right now with Pitsiniga are ruining people in all the states of the world with this verse. Let Mrs. Satty go with the ‘tah’… Be informed when they write verse! They don’t own it right now because it’s all around the world and it’s not right for ERT. Whether I’m going to move legally is something the company will decide to do, which is pissed off. What’s this all of a sudden? We release this song, it goes very well and we release it abroad and someone comes and writes “them”? What inspired things are these? To change the verse, to put on something else, is none of my business at all,” Evi Droutsa explicitly stressed. Storm of reactions has generally caused the release of the song, with views split over whether or not the song is good to represent the country in the competition.