(Title) The European Union is considering the possibility of sending naval force off the Gaza Strip to help supervise the delivery of goods to the Palestinian territories after easing the blockade by Israel.
One such solution may be chosen in the common defense and security mission, said in a statement the head of European foreign policy, Catherine Ashton.

The EU has not ceased to exert pressure on Israel to open its doors in the Palestinian territories since 2007 has imposed almost total exclusion from the day of the Israeli raid on May 31 in the fleet that was carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Catherine Ashton noted that the EU mission to Rafah border post near Egypt can serve as “telonofylakas”, adding that the EU may send further missions of this kind.
conclusion stated that “the exclusion harm to ordinary everyday people, forbids the reconstruction and fomenting radicalism. It is hard to find a way of lifting the blockade would be accepted by all but the discussions have shown that we are on track to loosen “.

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