Eugenia Xygorou: We are not told how the “Consect of Julia” ends

On her couch… she sat at noon on Monday (01.04.2024) the , the protagonist of the series “The Consulate of Julia”. “It has been decided how the series will end but they do not tell us,” revealed Eugenia Xygorou speaking to Eleni Menegaki about “. ” For her role, she said: “I like the season series. It’s far from us, but if you enter the treaty, you know what happens. In the series it appears what the woman’s position was then. Julia’s gun is understanding and trying to understand the world and help, which won’t work out for her.” Referring to her decision to deal with acting, the young actress said: “It didn’t come to me suddenly. It was like I always knew. Since high school already. I wasn’t particularly outgoing at school. I wanted to go through national theatrical studies and then go to drama. I’m very lucky because I accidentally went to an audition and when I didn’t expect them to take me but they took me.” Recognition, after the series’ success, has not changed it. “Nothing has changed in my life since I was recognized on the street. They don’t meet me in every alley. But when they talk to me it’s like I know them.” Apart from the “Consult of Julia”, Eugenia Xygorou is also starring in the performance “Don’t happen to you…”. “I’m married to Emilio (HeilakiO) and he doesn’t say how we broke up. We’re all messing with each other.”