EPKA: Scripts for “second chance” for lost insurance arrangements

On e-EFKA’s “door” it hits the bill of the Ministry of Public Consultation last Sunday (31.03. 24) and provides for a “second opportunity” for lost persons Since what applies to debts to the tax, it also applies to debts to e-EFKA (p.a., debtors of both entities fall under the clauses of the Public Revenue Recovery Code), analysts stress in the newsit.gr that the “transfer” of the new regulation on the possibility of “return” to lost tax arrangements, e.g. 24 installments, 72 installments and 120 installments and the corresponding e-EFKA arrangements should be excluded. A high-ranking source of newssit.gr in the Ministry of Labour did not rule out such a possibility, although he noted that this should be studied by the relevant service agents and e-EFKA.