EOT: Optimism for the course of tourism flows towards Greece

The prospects for their progress towards Greece in 2024, as shown by the first communication of his secretary-general, Dimitris Fragakis, in the context of the international tourist exhibition ITB 2024 in Berlin. In particular, during a meeting held by the Secretary-General of the EOT with the President of the airline wizz air, Robert Carey, cooperation with that company was discussed. Indeed, the information she made available on the progress of her work in Greece shows that in 2023 there was a 35% total increase in arrivals compared to 2022. Double increase occurred in Athens. The numbers concerning Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Heraklion, Corfu and Zakynthos were excellent. With regard to the goal of extending the tourist season, it was stressed that an extension of the season was recorded in many areas and especially in Athens, Thessaloniki, since it is now mentioned that Greece has 12 months of connection with foreign markets. Source: RES – ICM