ENLARGEMENT tax for the business research requested by the Obama … slowly taxed BUSINESSMEN DO ..

    Alice Roosevelt-Nicholas Longworth Postcard, 1904 Politics
    Image by Cornell University Library

    (Title) Question in Congress to increase and permanently extend the tax deduction for business-research as a means of promoting job growth, is to be submitted next Wednesday U.S. President.

    According to government official, Obama will ask Congress to increase to 17% from 14% today one of the two alternative credits available for businesses.

    This proposal is estimated to cost $ 100 billion over the next 10 years and the president intends to cover the cost of cutting other business tax breaks.

    President Obama tries the one to create new jobs and secondly to help the Democrats regain control of Congress in the by-election on 2 November, where the Republicans are prepared to understand many other places, even to gain control of the House of Representatives.

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