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English 9 out of 15 best classics books of all time!

The classic writers still teaching us about love, politics, history and legends…
The website of the well-known british newspaper “The Telegraph” selected the 15 best “classic” books of all time.
Among them the Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, the Symposium and the Phaedo of Plato, in the Symposium of Xenophon, the Poems of Sappho, the Parallel Lives of Plutarch, The Works and Days of Hesiod and Histories of Herodotus.
A total of 9 of the 15 books of the Greek classical authors, while the list is populated from the works of Ovid, St. Augustine and of Virgil.
See the full list of the 15 best classic of all time:
1. Homer’s Iliad (775 p.X.)
2. Homer’s Odyssey (725 b.X.)
3. Transformations of the Οβιδίου (8am.X.)
4. Plato’s Symposium (385-380Ï€.X.)
5. The Art of Love of Ovid (2pi.X.)
6. Phaedo of Plato (385-380Ï€.X.)
7. The Symposium of Xenophon (360Ï€.X.)
8. Poems by Sappho (born 612Ï€.X.)
9. Parallel Lives of Plutarch (120Ï€.X.)
10. Αινειάς of Virgil (19π.X.)
11. Confessions of St. Augustine (398Ï€.X.)
12. The nature of the things of the Λουκρητίου (55π.X.)
13. Works and days of Hesiod (750p.X.)
14. Stories of Herodotus (450-420Ï€.X.)
15. Virgil’s georgics (29Ï€.X.)

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