End of the Brangelina War: Brad Pitt ends the dispute with Angelina Jolie over their children’s complicity

His perennial court battle and after their divorce is finally coming to an end – as the actor allegedly relinquishs his rights to their children’s complicity. According to DailyMail, the couple, who has been involved in an unpleasant and sometimes harsh judicial dispute since she divorced in 2016, have now been in negotiations. According to a source citing the British medium, while at first 60-year-old Brad Pitt sought to secure half the custody of their six children, he now intends to retire. This means that 48 – year – old Angelina Jolie will retain primary custody of children and he will have the right to visit. One of the reasons this decision was made is that the older of their children have “belonged” – only 17-year-old Shiloh, and 15-year-old Knox and Vivienne, are still under 18 – Shiloh ages in May. The older children – 22-year-old Maddox, 20-year-old Pax and 19-year-old Zahara – as the information says have bad relations with Brad and in the eyes of the law, are no longer covered by any custody agreement. The adopted Pax reportedly had permanently cut off his relationships with his father after their now notorious fight on the private plane and he was the reason for ending the famous couple’s marriage. Back in 2020, in his private Instagram account, he called Brad “world-class m@@@ka” and “potatopo” that made his four younger children “scarry out of fear”. “Happy Father’s Day in this world-class… Time after time, over and over again, you prove to yourself that you are a horrible and despicable person. You have no appreciation or empathy toward your four younger children who tremble with fear when they are in front of you. You’ll never understand the damage you’ve done to my family because you’re incapable of doing it. You’ve made the lives of my closest people a constant hell. You can tell yourself and the world whatever you want, but the truth will come to light someday. So happy birthday for Father’s Day, you terrible man…” He wrote in the caustic post, which he shared on Father’s Day. Moreover, Zahara now uses the name “Zahara Jolie” instead of “Zahara Jolie Pitt”, which is her legal name.

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