END and Order it? WHAT’s the new ultimatum of the Commission for the TSIPOURO

What’s the new ultimatum of the Commission for the moonshine to you?
Hopes that the forthcoming bill for the moonshine διημέρων, known as bulk, it will put out the fires that have been lit in the market and the government, expressing factors of the market, while across the country the cauldrons of the producers in bulk tsipouro is up for good αποστάζοντας the pomace leftover from the wine production.
The increase in the excise tax for the διήμερους producers, those who produce the bulk of moonshine, provided in accordance with information from the bill prepared by the government, which also sets out a new regime for the movement of the αποσταζόμενου product.
The aim is to safeguard the public revenue, putting a brake on to circumvent the scheme of the two-day producers, but while maintaining their right to distil for self-consumption.
As support actors in the market, the bulk movement of tsipouro διημέρων exceed glaringly the declared quantities, and the extra quantities traded illegally, without paying the already reduced rate of tax from benefits the bulk of tsipouro, with the result that the state to record significant losses of public revenue from tax evasion and smuggling.
344 ec. euro losses for the state
The main problem is the huge difference in taxation between bulk and bottled and the inability to control for migrant quantities, which create incentives for the movement of larger than the legal declared quantities.
In particular, the production of tsipouro/raki διημέρων is subject to a tax of 1.40 euro per litre of ethyl alcohol or 0,59 euro per kilo of final product, due to the welfare of the legislator for the small αποσταγματοποιούς for personal/household use and limited marketing to support their income. On the other hand, for the corresponding domestic products intended for commercial use the ΕΦΚΟΠ is 12,75 euros per liter of ethyl alcohol.
According to the news report of the ERT, while reported to only 5-6 cm. litres of bulk whisky per year, the actual amount circulating in Greece amount to 30 ec. liters, of which 20 are entering illegally from Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey, and are baptized in the local markets as “a traditional Greek product”, without fulfilled the necessary requirements for traceability and hygiene standards.
The ultimatum of the Commission
The circumvention of the scheme and the huge tax gap between bulk and bottled tsipouro which have contributed to the rampant growth of delinquency, brought finally to the door of the country the ultimatum of the Commission.
The Commission notes that it imposed too a reduced rate of taxation on tsipouro and tsikoudia, which are manufactured in bulk by the διήμερους αποστάκτες and argues that this regime constitutes an infringement of the relevant EU legislation on excise duty.

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