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Enchant the sculptures in the sand – Completed the pioneering festival

Completed the pioneering festival of sand sculptures held in Amoudara, with the participation of…
renowned sculptor Manolis Χαρκούτση, Ukrainian university professor of Sculpture Yuriy Mysko and internationally recognized sculptor Lyudmyla Mysko.
The artists had integrated the impressive creations, which will remain on the beach of Amoudara, near the antenna of the ERT, as long as you allow the weather conditions to the admired guests. This pilot festival, which is visited by crowds of people during the period of creation of the sculptures, is expected to be established and already planning for the summer of 2017, has been launched.
The Mayor Kostas Μαμουλάκης was found once again in the area of the beach of Xiropotamos and in his statements stressed: “Completed after approximately two weeks of creation, another innovative institution in the Municipality. A festival – celebration of culture, environment and art, an event which promotes and adds value in the area of Ammoudara and the Malevizi in general.
They deserve a lot of kudos and many congratulations to the distinguished artists, in the Manolis Χαρκούτση, Yuriy Mysko, Lyudmyla Mysko and Emmanouil Mysko for the amazing job that they did, as well as the President of the Cultural Commission of the Municipality Kostas Τριγώνη, the deputy Mayor of Mars Σαλούστρο, the President of the ΜΑΕΔΗΜ Evi Apostolaki and the President of the D.K. Gazi John Κοτσυφό for the support of the Festival”.
The event is sponsored by the companies CRETA And Kouvidis – Σκουραδάκη, ERGO Καλουδάκης, winery Alexakis, Cretan Holidays, Fresh Snack, Καράτζης AU, p/m Ariadne, refreshments Fame, winery Χονδροζουμάκης, hotels in Apollonia, Agapi Beach hotel, Candia Maris, traditional hostels Θαλόρη, clay Volyrakis, p/m Χαλκιαδάκης, Branch security, Calore Beach, Πολύχώρος Grand, restaurants Yamas All Day Ψαρομούρα Agia Pelagia, Petousis, 50-50, a Rooftop terrace, Eucalyptus, The Better, Moreover, the Αρώλιθος, as well as the washing of vehicles, let’s Wash.

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