Emil’s clothes and shoes were found in the woods – animal bites on his skull

Clothes and shoes of little Emil Soloille, the boy who disappeared nine months ago in and his remains were spotted just four days ago, spotted the police along an alpine trail, not far from where he disappeared. However, prosecutors say that the mystery of his disappearance last July in France and his death remains unsolved. Prosecutor Jean-Luc Blanchon confirmed that police spotted Emil’s shirt, pants and shoes, which “were not concentrated in the same spot, but scattered in a few meters”. The chronicle of extinction The two-year-old Emil disappeared from his grandparents’ house in about 125 inhabitants – on July 8, 2023, causing a huge research involving drones, specially trained dogs and helicopters. Emile was last seen by neighbors walking on the village’s only street with a yellow shirt and white shorts on 17:15 Saturday, July 8. Hiking in the Alps fell upon the remains of the young child, including his skull, on Saturday (30.03.2024). Remy Avon, the chief prosecutor overseeing the investigation into his disappearance, said they are investigating the possibilities of murder, kidnapping or accident. A woman found the child’s skull “between 12:00 and 14:00, during a walk on a path she remembers she had walked a month ago,” said prosecutor Jean-Luc Blanchon. “He was heard by the find and placed [the skull] in a plastic bag. She went to her house and called the police. He was able to determine precisely where he found [the skull].” Continue: “These bones alone do not allow us to say what the cause of Emil’s death is. Between fall, homicide or murder, no theory can be treated as more likely than another.” Aix-en-Provence prosecutors issued a statement Sunday confirming that the genetic analysis confirmed that the bones belonged to Emil. However, the police continue their investigation at the crime scene. Animal bites on the skull Jean-Luc Blanchon stated that the skull had suffered “little fractures and cracks” after the boy’s death, as well as signs of animal bites. “No trauma [to the skull] has been observed before death,” he stressed. Vernet’s mayor, Francois Balique, told Le Figaro that investigations and excavations were carried out area in which Emil’s bones were discovered. “It is a place from which hunters spend daily with their dogs and residents and where forest work was carried out in autumn,” he said. After discovering his body, Emil’s parents issued an announcement: “This heartbreaking news was terrible and it’s time for mourning, reflection and prayer”. Information From

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