ELUSIVE: Where are the receipts from the toll?

From rough calculations a half-mile of a segment of a national road width of 20m, the cost for the construction of the amount of…
8.000.000 euro.
So in simple terms the construction cost is 100euro/m2 , if we calculate for… bridge irrigation etc a cost twice as much reduced in m2 shall be amended in…200ευρώ/m2.
If we double the total cost for contingencies and various specific projects the total cost shall be amended to eur 400/m2.
This means that for the construction of one kilometer is required cost 400Χ20Χ1000 = 8.000.000 euro /km.Also from rough calculations, the revenue on an annual basis, from the proceeds of the tolls amount to about billion euros.
The sections of our national network that can unite the whole of the Greek territory are:
1. ATHENS-PATRA = 220km (receipts 10.000Χ6Χ366 = 110.000.000 euro)
2. CORINTH – KALAMATA = 250 km (receipts 20.000Χ8Χ366 = 58.000.000 euro)
3. PATRA-GOOD WATER = 150km (receipts 20.000Χ4Χ366 = 30.000.000 euro )
4. RIO-IOANNINA = 225km (receipts 40.000Χ18Χ366 = 263.000.000 euro)
5. ΕΓΝΑΝΤΙΑ( IOANNINA-ALEX/LEE) = 566km (receipts 100.000Χ6Χ366 = 219.000.000 euro)
6. ATHENS-THES/NIKI = 502km (receipts 150.000Χ23Χ366 = euro)
8. LAMIA-ΑΝΤΙΡΙΟ = 170km
10. ATTIKI ODOS motorway = 45km (receipts 200.000Χ4Χ366 = 235.000.000 euro)
The total length of the above network is 2.519 km
If we accept that in our country the IX passenger and trucks that move is about 8.000.000 with an average of eur 200 a year to pay for registration fees, the state collects about 8,000.000Χ200 = 1.600.000.000 billion euros.
With the above calculations aggregated approximately of 3.77 billion euros a year for “maintenance” of the roads.
If we accept that spent an amount of about 20% for the maintenance and operation of roads, i.e. 770.000.000 euro spare 3δίς euro.
1. For the construction of the entire national network from scratch required 2.519Χ8.000.000 = billion euros.
2. With the above mentioned receipts in 7 years he has rebuilt the national network on, full.
3. Why did they stop the work of the continuation of the roads and communicate programmes of the NSRF for the continuation of them?
4. Why increased contributions in a tollbooth?
5. Because with the abolition of the toll our country paid a fine on contractors 7.000.000 euros, and it was calculated the return-on?
6. How much money did they put the contractors for the construction of the pathways they control you?
7. Because the cost of manufacturing in Greece is three times that of European countries?
8. Who’s gonna pay the damage for the faulty workmanship on the part TRIPOLI MEGALOPOLI that is not working here 4 years and amounts to 200 million euro as a cost and others 100 million. about by deprivation of revenue from tolls, for a total of 300.000.000 euro.;
9. Where are the receipts about 15 billion euros over the last five years that has not been constructed, nor a measure of the road while these are normally made of?
10. How much money do I need to add to the above that have been received from Europe of national programs type of NSRF, etc.?
11. How much length of road has been constructed in the last 5 years and at what cost?