Elias Psinakis: If Sakis wants to come to the nursing home, everyone wants him

‘ I have no confidence in ERT,” says George Giannoulias with Happy Day’s camera found himself in the backstage of the filming of the “Oldhouse”. Elias Psinakis, in his statements, also responded for Eurovision. “I haven’t heard the song yet, but everyone tells me and I will. But I heard that Fokas Evangelinos is doing it. I have no confidence in ERT in general, no matter what it does, artists are not to blame for anything, but ERT has been others in recent years, statistics. To get it Fokas means that he has heard something and Fokas is a key factor in victories in Eurovision. Marina Satti I don’t know, but I’ve heard she’s very good,” said Elias Psinakis first. On whether to see Sakis Rouvas at the Geronium, Elias Psinakis said: “I never want to embarrass anyone, to call him and say no to me. If Sakis wants to come, everyone wants him.”