Elias Kasidaris in the Supreme Court: Support for Spartans has been public and I have not deceived any voters.

In his capacity as a suspect in committing the criminal act of moral insurgency in election fraud he was called and gave explanations to his prosecutor, Georgia Adeline, . Elias Kasidaris was called by the Supreme Court Prosecutor, Georgia Adeline, in the context of his investigation following public complaints from the Spartan party’s president Vassilis Stiga, about backstage moves in his party that resemble Greek Mafia and “Don Corleone practices”. In his explanations reportedly Elias Kasidaris reportedly argued that there was no earlier design to create a party-shell. The convicted former Golden Dawn MP and incarcerated Domokos prisons, according to the same information he allegedly argued that his support for the Spartans party was public and did not deceive any voters. The explanations were provided through the detention store where Elias Kasidaris serves a sentence of 13 years and 6 months, for participation in the criminal organization of “Golden Dawn”. As part of the investigation conducted by the Supreme Court prosecutor, Vassilis Stigas testified twice, while all 11 MPs elected with the Spartans party were given explanations on the charge of defrauding the electorate. After completing the explanations given by the suspects, the Supreme Court prosecutor will decide whether to proceed with prosecutions for the case or not. At the same time, the ruling of the Supreme Court (Court of Justice) on objections is pending against the legality of the election of parliamentary officials of the extreme right figure of the Spartans. The decision is expected by June, as then leaves, due to retirement, the President of the St.E., Evangelia Nika, who chaired the Court and other supreme judges.