ELGA – Thessaly: Compensation paid only to damaged producers

In recent days it has been expressed by various sides, agricultural bodies, elected representatives of the Government and parliament, the request that ELGA pay compensation to it. This concerns particularly apple-producing people in the area of Agia in Thessaly, who, however, were not damaged by the natural disasters Daniel and Elias. As administration of the Agency, we must clarify: 1. The ELGA’s funding for the payment of compensation amounting to – in principle – 260 million euros, to cover the damage to plant production and livestock, comes exclusively from the State Budget, after approval given by the EU, due to the exceptional circumstances and the size of the damage in Thessaly. The adhoc programme is under strict control of EU and Greek legislation. 2. The financing of EUR 260 million has nothing to do with resources from European programmes or with resources from State Aid or resources from contributions from the insured persons. 3. The damages assessed by the branch of ELGA Larisa, during the period immediately after the advent of extreme phenomena Daniel and Elias – as they have been carried out in all areas of Thessaly – and declared in the area of Agia, will be covered, in accordance with the rules of ELGA and those applicable to all affected producers of Thessaly. In this area, 156 statements of damage were submitted to tree growing, of which only in 2224 acres were estimated losses of 30% to 100%. 4. Under no circumstances can farmers receive compensation in the name of the great damage suffered by Thessaly, without having suffered damage from extreme weather phenomena Daniel and Elias. This would be a gross violation of the regulation of the ELGA and the EU rules, while at the same time it would operate against producers damaged by natural disasters. The ELGA Administration with a sense of responsibility towards the insured persons points out that no producer ignores and does no injustice when it has been found by the Agency’s services that any insured farmer in the Agency has suffered damage to its production.