ELGA – DAOK: Estimates to deal with losses in Pieria begin Thursday

It was announced, after the communication of the Deputy Minister of Development, Anna Mani, with the President of ELGA, Andreas Lykourenzo, with the Deputy Regional Commissioner of Pieria, Sophia Mauridou, and with the Mayor of Diou-Olympios, Vangelis Gerolioliolios, in order to discuss the actions to address the serious damage caused to the agricultural areas of the region due to the recent severe weather, from Thursday (7.3.2024) and then – if weather conditions allow – groups of ElGA and DOOK estimators will move to the affected area with a view to its delimitation, the accurate identification of the damaged crops and initial assessment. At a later stage, personalised estimates will be made for their accurate recording, in order to ensure effective and fair support for affected farmers. As Mrs. Mani said: “The government and the co-competent bodies are working coordinated to speed up the process of repairing damage, ensuring support for the rural community at this difficult time.” Source: RES – ICM

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