Elefsina: He pursued with IX his former companion and rammed her 7 times

Serious incident of domestic violence occurred to me in with a man stalking his former companion by car, rambling her and then attacking her. According to what became known about the incident in Elefsina, the man arrested after pursuing the officers of the West Attica DIAS team rammed his partner seven times. “The woman came out of her house to go to work. He started stalking her with the vehicle you see in the photo. The damage to both cars is from the seven embolisms caused by the perpetrator. He crashed her to immobilize her,” he said an eyewitness to Star. The pursuit continued for several minutes. Eventually she managed to immobilize her car on Oceanid Street. With lightning moves he descended from his vehicle and invaded hers through the window. The woman who fell victim to domestic violence reveals to STAR: “We fought and he started chasing me. I told him to break up. It’s not the first time I’ve accepted abusive behavior from him. He’s got me by the neck. I tried to press the panic button that the police had installed on my phone but from my riot I did not succeed,” he admits. The woman went to the police to report him immediately after the incident. He drove his vehicle out of the station to track her down. Once he was seen by the police began pursuing him in Elefsina and Mandra, as shown in the document that secured the Star. Eventually the 44-year-old arrived at his home and began jumping from roof to roof with the police arresting him.