Elections in Turkey: Osgiur Oszel, the new leader of the main opposition voted

In the polls was found Sunday morning (31.3.2024) the new leader of the main opposition Ozgiur Ozel, who voted for her critical municipalities. Early Sunday morning polls opened in Turkey and about 61.5 million Turkish voters are expected to vote within the day to elect 1,393 mayors and thousands of members of municipal councils, as well as local rulers of municipal districts and villages. Ozel exercised his electoral right shortly after 10 in the Manisa region of Turkey and speaking to journalists noted: “The tension may rise during the election. I appeal to everyone to keep calm today.” Ozel was the “right hand” of the outgoing president, Kemal Kilicdaroglou, who alienated many with his decision to set aside the all-popular mayor of Smyrna, Tuds Soyer, and to lower another candidate for the stronghold of secular Turkey, a man he considers more “his” Jemil Tugai. Finally, it is noted that according to official announcement the vote count will not stop for the iftar, the official lunch after sundown during the ramadan with authorities announcing that: “The vote count begins immediately and is done transparently and uninterruptedly. Complaints and objections will not stop the process.”

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