El Arabi for AEK – Olympiacos: “It’s final for us”

His quarterback, Yusef El Arabi, talked about the derby with Opap Arena, stressing the game in New Philadelphia is final for the Union. “We have to win”, El Arabi said about Olympiacos’ game (31/3) with AEK in Opap Arena for the Super League playoffs’ second game. Detailedly what Yusef El Arabi said on COSMOTE TV : For the preparation during the interruption period : “I think this 15-day break has done us great. After such a triumph, after such a great victory it was good for us because some of us found time to rest and some to work. Some players left for their national teams, but the rest of us worked very well with our coach and now we’re ready to go back to the action. We have a very important game against AEK. The pioneer of the scoreboard and a title contender. We have five points difference and it is very important for us to play well and win the game.” About what Olympiacos should do : “We must win. To go there determined to win. There is no other choice. For us it’s a final. We must win.” For racing stability : “That’s why we say that this interruption has done us very good. Because many of our players were not used to playing every three days and needed that rest. I think this was a good opportunity for us to find our stability. We have entered the final line, we are in the playoffs and it is very important for us to continue with victories to pursue our goals.” For Medilibar : “It is true that the coach is too experienced and has brought us too much knowledge. It has achieved important things both in Europe and Spain, especially last year that won a European title. He has taught us that there are two different skeptics in terms of the league and Europe. Specifically for the playoffs it is very important to win the next four games. Right now we have the opportunity to reduce our distance from the AEK to two points and if we succeed then things start again for us and for them.” On whether he is considering visiting the same stadium again in the finale of the season : “Of course I have thought about it. I’m too ambitious. But right now I’m only thinking about AEK. We’re going to play in a very warm seat and we have to win.”