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    (Title) The two-day closure of the canteen Dromokaiteiou managed to impose the hospital ended today. But the blackmail and threats by the president and some of the administration overshadowed the otherwise successful mobilization.
    The President of the Hospital stopped for several hours, workers hospitalized to return to work, as they had planned to do . In an incredible demonstration of supercilious and authoritarianism by President demanded psychiatric nursing delegation who went to seek the reasons for the “alarming” closure of the canteen to “apologize”!
    In honor of refusing them.
    Representatives the Board of Workers Dromokaiteiou with speeches persuaded the president to hand over the keys to the patients and to stop temporarily blackmail.
    It is clear that the administration of psychiatric not stop unless we reduce wages of workers, nursing canteens.
    There are reasonable grounds for believing that the ultimate purpose is, as degrade completely professional, medical status, give them to a private .. Now that bore and outpatients in the Mental demand will increase significantly ..

    As apokatastasiakes other structures that have no financial interest in the Administration intend simply to shut down one by one.
    Currently, the hospital needed more than ever the practical support of all of us .. and Management of psychiatric (trying to impose discipline egkleiontas the lives and future of human beings “within the walls, isolating them in a unique” Gaza Strip “should get a reply …


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    Today we will talk about music. Last year Russias Dima Bilan took the Eurovision by storm, enabling Moscow to host the song contest in 2009. The organisers have promised the greatest show ever, second to none, better than the opening ceremony of the Bejing Olympics. But the Russian press is focused on something else: the nationality of the singer representing the host country. She isnt Russian. How come? We will ask her! Our guest today is – Anastasia Prikhodko …

    Eurovision 2007 – My big deception – I want all the fun back! Politics
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