Efi Argyropoulou: I fight for a world that won’t look at my son strangely

Apart from a professional, Efi Argyropoulou is also two children of which the smallest is in its range. She spoke to the camera of the show “Eleni” about the challenges and how she managed the particularity of her son. Efi Argyropoulou, the mother of little Dimitris, through the constant struggle to raise her children, had to manage the special situation in which her son has been since the first months of his life. “When you bring a child into the world you cannot imagine that it can have any form of dysfunction or illness. I realized that something was going on with my child when he was 18 months old because he had signs that were betraying a disorder. My kid wouldn’t give, he wouldn’t take objects, he wouldn’t listen in his name, he did a very lonely game. Autism is something you’ve been born with and it’s been following you all your life. We went to a developmentist and he diagnosed that the child is middle operating in the spectrum of autism. The spectrum of autism is huge. Autism plays an important role in what the child feels, what he feels and what he receives. There are days when I feel less good, Mom. A little, for him,” he said. And he added: “The spectrum of autism has many difficulties but also many blessings”. The blogger then said: “I’ve never been touched by the prying eyes of the world, never cared if they look at him strangely. We’ve come to the other end of thinking that a child’s touch can be weird. Demetriakis through autism sees life with different eyes than we do. Parents who have children typically must inform them properly to accept our special children. I aim in my life to raise people’s awareness so that they can come on a day when they don’t look at Dimitrakis. He can, when there are no me and his dad, live in a society that will not be mocked and thrown off a ship like they did with Antonis,” Efi Argyropoulou concluded.