EC: Giannis Tsortecis was informed on stage about the victory over Olympiacos and celebrated a raised fist and scarf

In the finale of the theatre performance “Underground”, the actor was informed about the result of – Olympiacos and… he celebrated on the stage. Giannis Tsortecis has stated in many interviews his love for AEK. Like other actors, he is forced to lose the Union games when he has a play, as was done in yesterday (30.03.2024) derby with Olympiacos. With the finale of the performance “Underground” which participates and at the time of the bow Giannis Tsortecis was informed of the victory of the AEK (1-0) and he celebrated it with his fist raised. In fact, one of his viewers gave him a Union scarf and he lifted it up. Victory and… yellow-black celebrations on stage!

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