Earthquake in the Cypriot Gulf: What the first controls on buildings in Messinia showed

No serious problems were reported in regional unity from 5.7 Richter in the Cypriot Gulf on Friday morning (29.08.2024) as highlighted during the meeting of the local civil protection coordinating body. According to the announcement issued, steps of the municipalities visited the school units in Messenia without finding serious issues from the earthquake, while as was said at the meeting, steps of engineers will continue the controls and during the weekend, so that there will be no unfinished business until next Monday, when schools reopen. Also, steps in the regional unit of Messinia carried out checks, without mentioning any particular problems. Furthermore, as announced by the Region of Peloponnese regarding the meeting of the coordinating body, “the readiness of all stakeholders was recorded on the basis of their responsibilities and will be in constant contact for the next time, in order to deal with any exceptional incident presented.”