Earthquake in Taiwan: “We hear ambulances and fire trucks,” says Greek who lived the nightmare

Huge shook her and a Greek reported for an unprecedented experience, as the hit of Enceladus caused some buildings to collapse. The reason for Christos Saradidis, who spoke to SKAI from the subway line where he was in Taiwan, the largest of the last 25 years in the country. “The little girl left for school, I had breakfast free I said I’d get some sleep and as soon as I fell asleep the earthquake woke up. Things fell and broke …,” he said. In Taiwan, he clarified no buildings have fallen. In Taipei there is damage to the subway, the line to the airport. “Panic does not exist, everything works normally, we have been hearing ambulance fire trucks since morning, but the subway works. I contacted the kid’s school if we needed to pick her up, but it’s okay. We are well, there is damage in Hualien, it is a beautiful area, our thoughts are in these people.” “Tomorrow we have a four-day holiday. If the earthquake happened tomorrow, which is a holiday, things might have been worse,” he noted. “We were a little lucky on our misfortune,” he remarked.

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