Earthquake 7.5 thrower in Taiwan: Battle to free 127 people in tunnels and buses

Battle over time give the rescue crews to release 127 people after the 7,5 pitcher mammoth, the strongest in the area for 25 years. Since the earthquake in Taiwan they have lost their lives at least 7 people and the wounded are 736. Of those trapped 77 – two of whom are Germans – they are trapped in two tunnels under mountains in Hualien County. The remaining 50 people are trapped on four small buses traveling from downtown Hualien. These are staff transferred to the Silks Place Taroko Hotel. According to the government, the victims were in the mountainous, sparsely populated Hualien County, to the east of the country, where the earthquake was also centered. The seismic vibration was underwater and occurred at 07:58 (local time); 02:58 Greek time) with a focal depth of 15.5 km. Video shows ladder rescuers trying to remove residents from the building windows, while at other places in Taiwan large landslides were caused. Landslide after the earthquake in Taiwan. April 3, 2024 — BlueGreen Planet (@BluesWaltair) In Taipei there were aftershocks with more than 50 recorded. China’s state media reported that the earthquake became felt in the Chinese province of Fujian, while a Shanghai resident told Reuters that the vibration was also felt there. 🔴 Sismo de magnitud 7.7 sacude a Taiwan. Autoridades revelan que es el terremoto más fuerte sentido en la isla en 25 años. Emiten alerta de tsunami. — Impacto informativo SC (@Periodista81881) The earthquake also caused problems in Taipei’s underground railway system, which was temporarily closed to remove passengers even though most railway lines were soon reopened. The managing high-speed railway company announced no damage or injuries were reported on its trains even though the routes would be delayed in order to carry out an inspection. Tsunami Alert Taipower power company announced that most of the electricity was restored and that the island’s two nuclear stations were not affected by the earthquake. A driver parked by the roadside to watch the sway the river front and back despite the alert — 99 attempts (@Itismourinho) This is plastic house. This house is successful fully done. HORRIFIC VIDEOS OF MASSIVE (7.5 magnitude) WHICH HIT & ARE CIRCULATING EVERYWERE. MIGHT HIT THEEM SOON. — HASSAN Taiwan weather service officials stated that the earthquake intensity in Hualien County was measured at the 6th tier of the 7th level. They explained that an earthquake of such ferocity causes wall collapse unless they are made of reinforced concrete and that people cannot stand and must crawl in order to move.