DYPA: On Friday it ‘closes’ the employment programme with emphasis on the green economy and women

By Friday (5.4.2024) the deadline for funding applications for the “business grant for employment of 5,000 unemployed, aged 18-66 years, with emphasis on the green economy and women”, while 95% of the total number of available posts in its action has already been covered. The aim of the ISPA programme is to create new, “green” full-time jobs in enterprises active or active in the green economy. The grant covers up to 80% of the salary and contributions for 15 months, up to EUR 12,264 per new job. DYPA’s work subsidy programmes are aimed at private enterprises. Those interested in participating can submit their application exclusively electronically either (a) through the DYPA e-services platform (dypa.gov.gr), or (b) through the submission of the application, the DYPA confirms that the firm fulfils the conditions and the employment advisors of the DYPA indicate candidates with the qualifications and qualifications required by the employer. The employer chooses the beneficiary and proceeds to hire. The total budget is EUR 50 million and is funded by the Recovery and Durability Fund. For information , interested parties may visit its email address .