DYPA: Applications for professional training with Artificial Intelligence start Monday

From Monday (1.1.2024) at 11:00 a.m. to Wednesday (13.3.2024) at 23:59 p.m., electronic applications will be submitted for participation in the new online vocational training entitled “Personalised Education using Artificial Intelligence”, by . The pilot action is implemented in the framework of cooperation between DYPA and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (CRF) and aims to provide personalised online vocational training programmes whose overall duration will range from 100 to 250 hours. The beneficiaries of the action will first be asked to fill in specialised questionnaires which will then be processed by the NRP through an artificial intelligence model. This process will highlight the personalised vocational training programmes that will then be called upon by each beneficiary to attend, while their content will consist of courses and teaching modules directly related to the processing of questionnaires. In particular, 100 unemployed persons over the age of 18 will participate, registered in the DYPA register, graduates of at least secondary education of independent expertise, in accordance with the conditions for participation of the call for expressions of interest, which is posted on its website . Upon successful completion of the programmes, the participants will be awarded a Certificate of Training and a Certificate Supplement from the KEDIVIM of the EPA. Applications will be submitted exclusively by electronic means Specifically, the route will be: gov.gr → Education → Training → Personalised training after research using artificial intelligence Upon completion of the submission of applications, their evaluation will follow and will then be sent by DYPA for information email to the beneficiaries regarding their final selection in the programme as well as detailed instructions on the process of completing questionnaires and enrollment and follow-up courses.

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