Don’t start humming – next episode: Tula is among two men and she doesn’t know who to choose.

Constantly… the stories of the series’ heroes are sparrowed. What we’ll see in the next episode, Sunday, March 31 at 20:00. Zoe wants to get rid of Fanny’s past. Zuzu finds a note she thinks is for her, Tula doesn’t know who to choose and Sofia wants to leave for Crete… Kanatis becomes director of Fanny, Byron proposes to Zuzu, Elias sails on a feast of happiness and Babis cannot help Sophia financially… Don’t start humming: Sunday, March 31st, 20:00 On the occasion of a charity bazar organized by Kanatis, Zoe tries to get rid of all of Fanny’s clothes that his ex-wife has bought him. Zuzu finds a gift hidden with a very lovely note and thinks it is for her. But when Minas takes it and leaves, Vangelis does not know how to comfort her. Tula is confused by… no one suddenly finds two men claiming her. He doesn’t know what to decide. Tula ends up telling Elijah that she’s decided who to continue with… Sofia has a proposal from the company that sells pots to take over Crete as sales manager. Babis and Xenia, in order not to leave, are considering opening her office as a psychologist. Only… Guest : George Kopsidas Kanatis undertakes to manage Fanny to close more personals, but Zoe does not see this collaboration with a good eye… Byron (Costas Francolias) makes his reappearance more in love with Zuzou than ever. Minas tries to see it lightly so they don’t spoil their hearts… Elias and Toula are coming very close for the first time… Elias sails in a sea of happiness, however, that Tula tries to set some “mountains” for their relationship. Babis and Xenia can’t help Sophia financially to open the office. But when Xenia proposes to sell a field of Babi’s mother, who had taken care of it… Screenplay: Elena Solomos, Giannis Diakakis, Sarah Ganoti, Nikos Stavrakoudis. Directed by Dionysis Ferentinos, Thanasis Angelopoulos – Xanthopoulos. The stars are: Antonis Antoniou, Vladimiros Kyriakidis, Spyros Cekuras, Anna Koutsaftiki, Maria Katsandri, Virgina Choroszidou, Henrietta Manouri, Stathis Koikas, Tolis Papadimitriou, Kostas Baras, Constantina Linardatos. Based on the Escenas de Matrimonium series of MEDIASET ESPANA & YOUMORETV (distributed by Mediterraneo). Production: GREEN PIXEL PRODUCIONS “Don’t start mumbling”, Sunday 31 March at 20:00 .